KRS-One – Sound Of Da Police

21st April 2023 · 1990s, 1993, Hip-Hop, Music

Here’s the mid-nineties classic by KRS-One that might well top the hip-hop hall of anti-cop fame were it not for a certain earlier song by NWA.

Remember the time a couple of Essex police officers drove through a town centre at night with their car speakers blaring out this tune through speakers on the roof?

It was back in April 2014 and by the time they’d driven off I imagine everyone in Chelmsford was familiar with KRS-One’s 1990s classic Sound Of Da Police.

So I suppose you could say they were doing their job by performing a public service.

You can still look it up on YouTube. What you can’t look up is the result of the “inquiry” Essex Police promised into the incident and the punishment meted out to the offenders.

What they really should have done, of course, is listen​ to the song, with its strident condemnation of police brutality (“The officer has a right to arrest / And if you fight back they put a hole in your chest”).

You’d have to be a particularly dim cop to drive around playing a song that tells listeners “The real criminals are the C-O-P” and, furthermore, that their entire force is institutionally racist, going on to compare police officers to overseers on slave plantations.

I guess we just have to assume that these particular police officers were particularly dim; bad apples besmirching the good name of the Filth.

Sadly we never really found out because, as hard as I have tried, I cannot find a single reference on the entire internet to the result of that inquiry nine years after the event.

So I guess we have to assume it’s not a crime for on-duty police officers in a marked vehicle to drive around blaring out rap music at colossal volume.

Which is odd, because they often seem to imagine it’s a crime for men with brown skin to drive around listening to rap music inside​ their own cars – or at least suspicious enough to merit them having to get out and submit to a search of themselves and their vehicle.