I met these guys by chance in New York when I went down to visit East Village Radio station one day in 2009 – and later caught their live debut in London.


Everyone knows them best for Boogie Nights but the Heatwave single I have in my collection is the 12-inch version of this sultry slow jam from 1978. (more…)

The inspiration for one of the more regrettable dance crazes, Rock The Boat was also the inspiration for Rock Your Baby, regarded by many as the first disco hit. (more…)

This is the greatest disco song of all time; no argument about that. And one of the greatest songs of all time. I usually tend towards the view that these things are a matter of opinion but in this case I hope we can all agree. (more…)

TRIGGER WARNING: If you think you’re immune to cheap sentimentality this may make you reconsider. Eleven-year-old Björk Guðmundsdóttir’s debut is so cute that even the hardest heart will melt. (more…)

Everybody knows the Jackson brothers but not so many know their near-namesakes, the Brothers Johnson. (more…)


It’s funny to recall how much I hated disco at the time because this is another of those songs that just puts a smile on your face the minute you hear it.


Here’s another funky slice of disco from the vaults by the splendidly named Juggy Murray Jones. It sneaked into the Top 40 and was a dancefloor staple across Britain in 1976. (more…)

Here’s another stone cold disco classic from 1975, written and produced by the legendary Sylvia Robinson. (more…)

By 1976 I was losing interest in the singles chart, beyond getting my weekly fix of Top of the Pops. So I missed this at the time. (more…)