John Bramwell: The Cluny, Newcastle – Live Review

Britain’s finest musical wordsmith winds up his extensive UK tour with a gig of two halves: dark songs of drinking and disaster from his time with I Am Kloot and harmony-drenched songs of happiness and hope from his solo repertoire.

Arab Strap – Bliss

12th June 2024 · 2020s, 2024, Music

Arab Strap put on their disco shoes for new single Bliss, calling out toxic masculinity, online violence and harassment of women.


I’ve liked Goat Girl ever since they emerged punkishly from the DiY scene at The Windmill nearly a decade ago. Their latest doesn’t disappoint.


Postpunk sextet Deadletter have been building up a fervent live following for some time. Today they preview their debut album with this song, Mother. (more…)

This month we’ve got garage punk and psych sounds from the ’60s,
some electro funk and classic country, a blend of rockabilly, noise and vintage French folk and some soothing neo-classical piano to end on a quiet note.

Soft, soothing and serene, this is the opening movement of Dustin O’Halloran’s new solo album ‘1 0 0 1’ which he describes as “intentional listening.”


I first heard his name when Gerry Rafferty released Baker Street. Everyone knew who played that sax solo. Almost as many knew that the same guy played the two sax solos on Bowie’s Young Americans.


Mattiel come from the Deep South and have roots in vintage soul and blues – but love to play cover versions of English bands.


Family Band: The Dog Box EP – New Kiwi Noise Band Will Make Your Ears Bleed

Family Band might sound like a folk group singing around a forest campfire but New Zealand’s noise trio make enough of a full metal racket to make your ears bleed. (more…)


Twenty years ago I went to see a gig by Moby despite some reservations about what I expected to be a night of coffee-table ambient electro.