I’ve been a big fan of Caitlin Rose from the start. Although not the very start of her singing career, because that was when she provided the vocals on the demos of the songs her mother wrote that went on to appear on Taylor Swift’s first album.

Here’s a sweet slice of classic country heartbreak from a brand new band called Plains – a duo of Katie Crutchfield and Jess Williamson. (more…)

If you’d ever wondered what Lou Reed might have sounded like if he’d chosen a career in country music* Garrett T. Capps provides the answer. (more…)

Steady Habits sound like an old-timey country music band from somewhere in the American South – but actually come from Oxford. (more…)

As Russia invades Ukraine, here’s a message for all the world, conveyed in the lockdown video shot at home by Sharon Van Etten and Josh Homme. (more…)

Here’s a song by one of rockabilly’s revered elder statesmen that just makes you want to get up and dance, whatever music you like.

Here’s a classic example of country music’s breakaway Bakersfield Sound by Buck Rogers from 1965. (more…)

Hank Locklin was a huge country star, notching numerous hits with countless smooth songs showcasing his sweet and warm tenor and romantic sentiments. This old-timey number is an exception.


Johnny Horton walked the line between country music and rockabilly but had his biggest success with a pair of folk-flavoured “saga songs” before dying an early death in a car crash in 1960. (more…)

Elton Britt, famed for his yodelling, made his name with a patriotic song that went viral during World War Two. This equally infectious number came along 14 years later in 1956. (more…)