Japan – Adolescent Sex

8th November 2022 · 1970s, 1978, Funk, Glam, Music

As punk was mutating and evolving in 1978, a new band called Japan surfed in on the New Wave. I went to see them at the Music Machine, attracted mainly by their image.


Punk before punk was invented, The New York Dolls made a sensational debut on British television’s Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973 – much to the disgust of host Bob Harris. (more…)

Watch this! Alice Low unveils new song and video Sodomizer

In the mid-Seventies, away from the pop charts but working hard at the coal face of the live music scene, one of the more entertaining bands on the London circuit was The Heavy Metal Kids. (more…)

Dutch singer Bonnie St. Claire represented the European wing of 1970s Glam but failed even to cross over the Channel – because she sounded like a shit Suzi Quatro.


Gary Glitter brought panto-style parody into Glam and this was the song that launched a career that would come to epitomise a meteoric rise and catastrophic fall. (more…)

Roxy Music’s debut album was not a huge success. It was way too ahead of its time. Almost half a century later it sounds strange and futuristic and experimental. For me it’s one of the greatest debuts ever. (more…)

This sultry steamy concoction, with its spooky intro, voodoo chants and twangy guitars, gave Redbone their one and only UK hit when it reached No.2 in 1971.