Mud – Dyna-Mite

11th January 2021 · 1970s, 1973, Glam, Music

There was always a strong panto element to Glam – the dressing-up, the make-up, the gender-bending –  with style overtaking content. 


David Bowie wrote this song when he was just 23 as a follow-up to his first hit Space Oddity, with Marc Bolan on guitar. (more…)

David Bowie – Sorrow

2nd January 2021 · 1970s, 1973, Glam, Music

Just weeks after he famously “retired” Ziggy Stardust at a live show, David Bowie bounced back with a saxophone singing Sorrow, the first track from the covers album Pinups. (more…)

I had loved Mott The Hoople’s Bowie-assisted makeover with All The Young Dudes in 1972 and I loved their next album Mott, the best by a reinvigorated band. (more…)

Slade – My Friend Stan

30th December 2020 · 1970s, 1973, Glam, Music

I loved my Slade raucous and rowdy so I was a bit disappointed when they came up with this pub singalong at the tail end of 1973. (more…)

The Sweet notched up their sixth Top Five hit when The Ballroom Blitz went to number two in September 1973. (more…)

Suzi Quatro – 48 Crash

17th December 2020 · 1970s, 1973, Glam, Music

Suzi Quatro was Glam’s very own badass,  a rock chick version of Emma Peel from The Avengers, with the same taste in black leather catsuits. (more…)

The hits kept coming for Slade and Skweeze Me Pleeze Me was as great as any of them. It gave them their fifth chart topper, making them the undisputed kings of Glam. (more…)

T. Rex – The Groover

7th December 2020 · 1970s, 1973, Glam, Music

T. Rex shone brightly for two and a half years and had a good run in the charts but this would turn out to be the last Top Ten hit for the prettiest star of Glam. (more…)

Wizzard – See My Baby Jive

28th November 2020 · 1970s, 1973, Glam, Music

Top of the Pops often resembled a children’s party in the early Seventies. Especially when Wizzard were in the studio. (more…)