Butthole Surfers – I Hate My Job

9th April 2024 · Uncategorised

Anyone who’s ever had that sinking feeling as they get ready to go to work will empathise with this song. The title says it all.


The Bears – On Me

3rd April 2024 · Uncategorised

I’d never heard of The Bears until I began reading Richard Norris’s memoir, Strange Things Are Happening, and came across their debut single, On Me.


The Innocent Vicars – She’s Here

29th March 2024 · Uncategorised

This refreshingly primitive punk nugget by The Innocent Vicars is one of those lost gems that you unearth by chance. Or in this case because I’m reading the singer’s newly published memoir, Strange Things Are Happening (Adventures In Music).


RIP Wayne Kramer (1948-2024)

3rd February 2024 · Uncategorised

Here is the MC5’s infamous hometown performance by a Detroit highway in July 1970.  Thirty-four years later I finally got to see them play for myself.


The Linda Lindas – Groovy Christmas

21st December 2023 · Uncategorised

Here’s a trio of songs for Christmas – one for opening the presents, another for after dinner at the end of the day, and one for Boxing Day.


Crime – Hot Wire My Heart

18th November 2023 · Uncategorised

This lost gem from 1976 is a little piece of punk history – the first single to be released by a West Coast punk band. A double A-side of Hot Wire My Heart and Baby You’re So Repulsive (surely a contender for best punk song title), it was the debut single by a San Francisco band called Crime.


Mink DeVille – Spanish Stroll

8th November 2023 · Uncategorised

One of the great singles from the punk period, Spanish Stroll has nothing much in common with the rest of the CBGBs crowd. But that’s where it came from. And it’s just a classic, with that lazily strummed guitar intro and the spoken word Spanish bit in the middle.


London Zoo – London Zoo

11th October 2023 · Uncategorised

Here’s an oddity from the depths of my punk-era singles collection. It was only decades later that a friend picked this obscurity out and recognised two of the names on the sleeve – not as musicians, but as music journalists.


The Slits – In The Beginning

27th September 2023 · Uncategorised

Here are The Slits, half of them anyway, with ex-members of The Pop Group and Rip Rig + Panic, in session for John Peel from 1981.


McLusky – Unpopular Parts Of A Pig

25th September 2023 · Uncategorised

I’m not sure I even like this song, but I feckin’ LOVE that monstrous guitar riff. And sometimes that’s enough. I’m also drawn to the title of the song, which is Unpopular Parts Of A Pig. And its lyrics, which are indistinct but seem interesting and funny.