Nico – All Tomorrow’s Parties

24th April 2024 · Uncategorised

When The Adverts invited Nico to play her first gig in four years in April 1978 not everyone was excited as me to see the Velvet Underground’s iconic chanteuse in the flesh.


Brian Eno & David Byrne – The Jezebel Spirit

22nd April 2024 · Uncategorised

The first time I heard this I was knocked sideways. I expected experimentation from Brian Eno and David Byrne, but My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts took it to a whole new level.


A Certain Ratio – Flight

16th April 2024 · Uncategorised

When Tony Wilson signed A Certain Ratio to Factory Records in 1979 he told the world they were “the new Sex Pistols.” They weren’t, but they did leave their mark on Manchester music as one of the first bands to incorporate funk into an industrial take on postpunk.


Richard & Linda Thompson – Shoot Out The Lights

15th April 2024 · Uncategorised

For years I’ve heard people – usually musicians – say that Richard Thompson is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. And for years I’ve struggled to find any records that convince me of that. Until now.


The Teardrop Explodes – Reward

13th April 2024 · Uncategorised

Is there a better opening line to a song than Julian Cope’s delighted response to pop stardom: “Bless my cotton socks, I’m in the news!”?


The B-52s – Roam

10th April 2024 · Uncategorised

I’d forgotten quite how long The B-52s kept up their run of quirky hit singles backed by camp and kitsch videos.


The Innocent Vicars – She’s Here

29th March 2024 · Uncategorised

This refreshingly primitive punk nugget by The Innocent Vicars is one of those lost gems that you unearth by chance. Or in this case because I’m reading the singer’s newly published memoir, Strange Things Are Happening (Adventures In Music).


Talking Heads – (Nothing But) Flowers

21st March 2024 · Uncategorised

The final Talking Heads album, Naked, is so underrated it’s almost been forgotten compared to the majesty of Remain In Light and (my favourite) Fear Of Music.


One of the best riffs of all time when Muddy Waters recorded it back in 1955, it somehow sounds even better in the dextrous hands of George Thorogood a quarter of a century later.


Malcolm X & Keith LeBlanc – No Sell Out

9th March 2024 · Uncategorised

I can’t pretend I was an early adopter of hip-hop and I can’t remember whether I heard this landmark song when it came out in 1983.