I never get tired of this song. It’s probably my favourite by Elvis Costello – certainly up there with Oliver’s Army and Accoidents Will Happen. A miniature film noir in song, it’s brimming with tension, musically and lyrically. And Nick Lowe’s production gives it the element that all the best songs exhibit. Space. (more…)

I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated an album as eagerly as I awaited the first Clash album. (more…)

The Mighty Diamonds were one of the leading vocal harmony trios to come out of Jamaica alongside Culture, The Gladiators, The Abyssinians and Black Uhuru. (more…)

Satta Massa Gana was the debut single of The Abyssinians, arguably the greatest of all the vocal groups to come out of Jamaica. (more…)

RIP Robbie Shakespeare, king of the bass guitar and one half of the peerless reggae rhythm section Sly & Robbie. (more…)

Another weather-appropriate tune today, to mark the onset of brass monkeys and taters. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the only cover version by New Order.


As winter draws in, what better to chase away that chilly wind than a sunny slice of reggae from Jamaica. 

Terence Wilson, universally known as Astro, was the percussionist and part-time toaster in UB40, the unfairly maligned kings of UK reggae.


There was so much more to Bunny Wailer than being a founding member of the band that bears his name. (more…)

The word “legend” gets chucked about a lot but Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry really was one. Keith Richards once called him “the Salvador Dali of reggae.” (more…)