All together now: “Rrrrright…. nowwww… Hahahaaaa!”

One night in late November 1976 I was at the Marquee Club watching a short fat Frenchman called Little Bob who played amphetamine-fuelled RnB when Malcolm McLaren walked in with a bag under his arm.


Fats Domino’s debut single rocks and rolls, and that’s enough to make it another of the building blocks of rock’n’roll. (more…)

An anti-racist anti-sexist anthem by a quartet of schoolgirls, performed in a public library, this song broke the internet on its release in May 2021 – and no wonder. (more…)

Barry White’s only chart-topping single started life as a country-and-western tune before he gave it a disco makeover. (more…)

New World are the forgotten band of the early Seventies. Deservedly so, some might say, and they would be right, in musical terms anyway. In legal terms, not so much. (more…)

The early Seventies were a golden age of one-hit wonders. Johnny Bristol was another, though this disco classic was far from his only contribution to pop history. (more…)

Fingers in your ears for the shrillest falsetto ever heard. And a song that those of us who had the misfortune to hear at the time will never be able to forget. But don’t blame the “singer” – it’s not him singing. (more…)

There were two newcomers in 1973 whose debut songs genuinely sounded like nothing before them. One was Rock On by David Essex and this was the other one by Leo Sayer – the last I’ll be posting from that year. (more…)

T. Rex shone brightly for two and a half years and had a good run in the charts but this would turn out to be the last Top Ten hit for The Prettiest Star of Glam. (more…)

Madness were the only all-white band in the Two-Tone family and put the fun factor into the updated ska sound. This was their first top ten hit. (more…)