It’s easy to forget what a rarity an all-female band was back in the mid-to-late 1970s. All we had was The Slits… until The Raincoats came along. 

Here’s the only known recording by the strangely named Sag War Fare… which is apparently meant to be a pun on “Savoir Faire.” (more…)

Here’s a steamy gumbo of blues, soul and funk from Louisiana to suit the last day of sultry summer weather, from Bobby Rush. (more…)

He’s not exactly a household name but Popcorn Wylie is one of the key figures in Detroit soul music. A producer, songwriter, singer, bandleader, pianist and record label boss, he discovered some of the biggest names and played on some of the biggest Motown hits. (more…)

It’s not often in the internet age that you can’t find out a single thing about a record, or the people who made it. Until now. (more…)

Chuck Brown is surely not the only convicted murderer to have a hit record, but his crime lends a certain macabre cachet to his place in pop history. (more…)

I met these guys by chance in New York when I went down to visit East Village Radio station one day in 2009 – and later caught their live debut in London.


This really is a spectacular find for fans of funk and soul. An obscure deep soul nugget, it lures you in with its slow-burning groove. Then, about 30 seconds in, the horns catch fire and the bass player lets loose with the musical equivalent of St Vitus Dance. (more…)

De Gama – AfrikA

17th July 2022 · 2010, 2010s, Dance, Funk, Music

Tribal House. Progressive House. Tropical House. Call it what you want – De Gama gets you grooving the moment those drums start to pound. Then the bassline hits you in the gut and you’re lost to the rhythm.  (more…)

With its smooth groove and sweet vocal, sinuous sax and bubbling bassline, this is just the job for a hot summer day. (more…)