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I Am Kloot – Twist

13th June 2024 · 2000, 2000s, Music

I Am Kloot’s dark domestic drama Twist illustrates John Bramwell’s gift as one of Britain’s greatest living singer-songwriters.


John Bramwell: The Cluny, Newcastle – Live Review

Britain’s finest musical wordsmith winds up his extensive UK tour with a gig of two halves: dark songs of drinking and disaster from his time with I Am Kloot and harmony-drenched songs of happiness and hope from his solo repertoire.

Arab Strap – Bliss

12th June 2024 · 2020s, 2024, Music

Arab Strap put on their disco shoes for new single Bliss, calling out toxic masculinity, online violence and harassment of women.


The Streets came out of nowhere, creating kitchen sink dramas of life as a young working-class man in the UK at the turn of the millennium.


DAF – Der Mussolini

10th June 2024 · 1980s, 1981, Music

DAF’s minimalist electro and ironic lyrics are a far cry from the sweet synthpop coming out of the UK, and didn’t get past the radio censors in 1981.


I’ve liked Goat Girl ever since they emerged punkishly from the DiY scene at The Windmill nearly a decade ago. Their latest doesn’t disappoint.


Black Lace – Agadoo

6th June 2024 · 1980s, 1984, Music

No, this is not my guilty pleasure. In fact Black Lace’s novelty hit Agadoo has been voted the worst pop song of all time by a panel of critics.


Postpunk sextet Deadletter have been building up a fervent live following for some time. Today they preview their debut album with this song, Mother. (more…)

Harry Chapin is someone I vaguely recall in the same MoR mould as John Denver and Jim Croce, making sentimental string-laden songs with sermonising social messages. Which is true. But I do him a disservice.


Here’s a strange slice of ’60s psych, with fuzz guitars and synthesised strings, from the strangely named and even more strangely (mis-)spelt Hooterville Trolly.