I have not closely followed the career of foodie rapper Loyle Carner but I’ve got time for anyone who makes his stage name a spoonerism of his real name (Benjamin Coyle-Larner).


Danger Mouse and Black Thought collaborate on the album Cheat Codes. This is one of its many standout tracks, featuring Michael Kiwanuka. (more…)

Is this a song? It’s more like spoken word hip hop – a commentary on our times set against a house backing. (more…)

I was wondering what would be the perfect song to play on the hottest day we’ve ever had when I remembered this… a song that immediately conjures up a sweltering summer’s day in New York. (more…)

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road in the past week, driving to Cornwall and back, listening to 6Music (at least when I had a DAB signal in the car). This is the tune that caught my ear the most. (more…)

Dr. Dre’s old-skool hip-hop classic The Next Episode, featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Kurupt, has fallen victim to cancel cultutre on the radio. (more…)

From the last album Biggie Smalls released in his lifetime, a user guide to making money in the way he used to earn his. (more…)