Soap&Skin – Italy

3rd January 2023 · 2010s, 2018, Music

Well this is just stunning; aurally and visually, it’s breathtakingly beautiful and emotionally powerful. It’s featured in two feature films, Sicilian Ghost Story and Corsage.


When I first heard The Allergies I assumed they must be some long-lost American band from the early seventies. In fact they are a white duo from Bristol.


William Adamson – Foggy Dew

30th December 2022 · 2010s, 2013, Music

You’d be forgiven for thinking this fellow and his home-made guitar, fashioned from a cigar box, had been unearthed deep in the Mississippi Delta. You couldn’t get further from the truth. William Adamson is just one of the alter egos of Rob Gallagher, former acid house DJ, underground poet, new age rapper and lead singer of acid jazz combo Galliano – the first act to be signed to Talkin’ Loud in the late eighties.


Monetrik – Blues Soup

31st August 2022 · 2010s, 2012, Blues, Music

I’m not sure where I stumbled across this funky slice of contemporary blues with undertones of the Sopranos theme song. (more…)

Rodrigo y Gabriela: Echoes – new single

De Gama – AfrikA

17th July 2022 · 2010, 2010s, Dance, Funk, Music

Tribal House. Progressive House. Tropical House. Call it what you want – De Gama gets you grooving the moment those drums start to pound. Then the bassline hits you in the gut and you’re lost to the rhythm.  (more…)

With its smooth groove and sweet vocal, sinuous sax and bubbling bassline, this is just the job for a hot summer day. (more…)

If you’d ever wondered what Lou Reed might have sounded like if he’d chosen a career in country music* Garrett T. Capps provides the answer. (more…)

Dance duo Sofi Tukker’s banger Good Time Girl is the soundtrack to Paolo Sorrentino’s brilliant TV drama The New Pope. (more…)

Céline Sciamma’s Portrait Of A Lady On Fire is not just a film about love and desire, but a film about art – and the symbiosis between subject and painter. (more…)