The Lost Songs of St Kilda

Early in 2016 I was approached by Decca Records to help promote a mysterious album of piano music that had come into their hands.

Travelling to Scotland, I began what became an investigation into the source of the music. A journey that led me to an old folks’ home outside Edinburgh, on the trail of a man who lived and died there. To Glasgow and Stirling, to the homes of those who knew him. And, finally, to the most remote islands in Great Britain.

I was writing the words and Euan Robertson was taking the photos. But early on, we realised it was a story that could be best told on film.

So we expanded our horizons, and our journey, and over the next six months we made this 26-minute film to tell the extraordinary story of St Kilda, the extraordinary story of Trevor Morrison – and the extraordinary music he made.

I wrote the story and Euan shot the beautiful images. Together we produced this film.