Dexys Midnight Runners came along with their energetic soul revival sound in 1979, riding the coat-tails of 2-Tone as the punk revolution began to diffuse into new sounds and hybrids.


During the short but sweet 2-Tone era, The Beat clocked up half a dozen hit singles of which Mirror In The Bathroom, which reached No.4 in 1980, was arguably the best. 


The second hit single for The Beat, Hands Off She’s Mine was one of the highlights of the Two-Tone music movement by the Birmingham band. (more…)

Reggae and Punk were natural partners, linked by their outsider credentials, exemplified by Coventry band The Specials and the Two-Tone explosion of 1979. (more…)

The Bodysnatchers were an all-female seven-piece ska revival band from London and The Boiler was the chilling centrepiece of their live performances. (more…)

The Selecter started out with this self-titled instrumental on the flip-side of Gangsters by The Special A.K.A. (soon to be shortened to The Specials) in 1979. (more…)