Eugene McDaniels – The Lord Is Back

14th April 2024 · Uncategorised

This funky tale of a vengeful black god coming to fix the injustices of the world comes from another of those lost masterpieces – an obscure album of jazz-funk matched to black-consciousness lyrics called Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse.


Brainstory – Peach Optimo

22nd March 2024 · Uncategorised

Here’s a slice of smooth summery jazz-funk from Southern California’s so-called Inland Empire – the area south-east of LA that includes Palm Springs and San Bernadino.


It’s always dangerous to try messing with perfection but this take on a Gil Scott-Heron classic stands up alongside his tribute to Lady Day and John Coltrane.


Annette Peacock – My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook

11th November 2023 · Uncategorised

Annette Peacock’s steamy, sinuous blues-funk jam My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook is a sultry coming-of-age tale of sexual liberation with disturbing undertones.


Defunkt – The Razor’s Edge

28th October 2023 · Uncategorised

This was the first funk I ever really “got” – I remember first hearing it in a pub on the Mile End End where there was a DJ who span tunes far removed from my usual New Wave and postpunk fare.


RIP Carla Bley (1936-2023)

19th October 2023 · Uncategorised

Even in the darkest depths of my lifelong jazzophobia I had a soft spot for Carla Bley. I’m not sure why; maybe because a female jazz musician is such a rarity.


Butcher Brown – Eye Never Knew

13th October 2023 · Uncategorised

Butcher Brown are a self-proclaimed “proud throwback to the progressive jazz-funk bands of the 1970s with a 21st century twist” – a phrase that would once have filled me with horror.


Headhunters – God Made Me Funky

8th October 2023 · Uncategorised

I never heard this when it came out back in 1975 – I was listening to Wish You Were Here until Horses came along – but I’ve heard that drum break sampled dozens of times in hip hop and house tunes since then.


Yussef Dayes – Tioga Pass

5th September 2023 · Uncategorised

Alarming news – in my old age I may be starting to like jazz. Yes, I’m afraid a lifetime of jazzophobia may be under threat after I heard this dude, Yussef Dayes yesterday. On a sunny day on my car radio, his music blew my mind.


Alphonse Mouzon – By All Means

20th August 2023 · Uncategorised

Being somewhat jazz-hesitant, if not an outright jazzophobe, especially when it comes to the F-word – “fusion” – I obviously haven’t heard of Alphonse Mouzon before.