I met these guys by chance in New York when I went down to visit East Village Radio station one day in 2009 – and later caught their live debut in London.


Dr. Dre’s old-skool hip-hop classic The Next Episode, featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Kurupt, has fallen victim to cancel cultutre on the radio. (more…)

Alpinestars – Burning Up

13th February 2022 · 2000s, 2002, Music

This emotionally powerful song about addiction is the highlight of the brief moment in the spotlight for Manchester duo Alpinestars in 2002. (more…)

Howling Bells
229, London
22 January 2022

Howling Bells reunite for their first live shows in seven years, playing their 2006 debut album in its entirety.  (more…)

This is irresistible – and couldn’t be more topical with the dreadful events currently going on in South Africa.


Here is Marlena Shaw reimagined in a deep house tune by Benny Blanco – probably the most successful guy in the entire music biz. (more…)

Here’s another tune taking its inspiration – and its main sample – from Marlena Shaw’s Woman Of The Ghetto, this time by Ludovic Navarre, a Frenchman whose recording alter-ego is St Germain. (more…)

Elvis Presley meets Massive Attack in an inspired mash-up that spans 25 years and 4,000 miles to merge Memphis and Bristol. (more…)

Here’s another tune I remember fondly from my childhood in the Seventies – but this version is recorded in 2021 and released today. (more…)

And now for something completely different. Straight outta Crown Heights, Brooklyn, here comes Matt Miller – aka Matisyahu – the only Orthodox Jew in reggae. (more…)