Justice – Waters Of Nazareth

1st May 2024 · 2000s, 2005, Dance, Music

If dance music was​ rock music, then this tune, Waters Of Nazareth by French dance duo Justice, would be its Smoke On The Water.

Their debut single is built on a filthy distorted synth riff that sounds like someone took Deep Purple’s and put it in a concrete mixer… then added a church organ to the mix.

Which, come to think of it, is probably what Jon Lord would have done too.

If there’s a ‘rock’ feel to it, then that’s probably because Justice – Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay – started out in bands playing bad covers of Metallica and Nirvana.

Released in 2005, it was no more successful than their first stab at fame with an album of Eurovision hit parodies. But in 2007 they broke through with D.A.N.C.E., a catchy single with an attention-grabbing video that featured animated T-shirts.

Then came their debut album † (aka Cross), a self-styled “disco-opera” album incorporating hundreds of offbeat samples, blending elements of prog, metal, new wave and indie into their vintage funk, disco and house foundations.

With each subsequent release they’ve grown less predictable: Audio, Video, Disco (2011) was filled with New Wave guitars and prog rock sounds, followed by Woman (2016), a collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Next they mashed up their own songs on the Grammy-winning Woman Worldwide (2018) and most recently they created a live show with the help of a team of seven computer scientists.

Their latest album Hyperdrama (2024) used guest vocalists and incorporated touches of hardcore “gabber techno.”