Happy Easter – here’s my March playlist to put a Spring in the air as you open your eggs today. There’s a cracking mix of old and new, borrowed and blue: some drum’n’bass, some soul and reggae, vintage Velvets, country music, banging dance beats and primal punk.

Here is hopefully a final winter warmer, with cuts ranging from the return of Underworld and vintage Aphex Twin to deep cuts by Michael Jackson and Modern English, tributes to lost members of Can and MC5 and some dub reggae to warm the cockles of the ear. 

Here’s a winter warmer of new and not-so-new tunes spanning a century of popular music. As ever there’s country and folk, blues and soul and plenty of rock’n’roll, from the debuts of Hendrix and Grace Slick to some minimal techno and brand new Afro-rap but, unusually for me, no reggae.

Here’s my last playlist of the year, for December 2023. It’s a vibrant mix of ’70s hard rock and ’80s kitsch’n’disco, vintage funk and soul and ambient house, old-skool blues and nu-soul, plus a bit of dub reggae and some festive themed numbers for Christmas recently past.

November 2023 Playlist

4th December 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Music, Playlists

Here’s an autumn playlist to warm the cockles of the ear: from obscure ’70s rock to pioneering ’80s funk, first wave hip-hop and New Wave country, free jazz and doom folk, dub, blues and even some prog – plus  tributes to those we lost in November, Shane MacGowan and Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker.

October 2023 Playlist

1st November 2023 · 2023, Music, Playlists

Reggae and blues, country and funk, soul, disco – even jazz in this month’s playlist. Take your pick from vintage Janis Ian to recent Carla Bley (RIP), the best Velvets track ever, and the one decent track from the new Stones album. And much more.

September 2023 Playlist

1st November 2023 · Music, Playlists

Music, music, music… here is my montly playlist for September. It’s got soul and disco, it’s got country and jazz, it’s got hip hop, folk and country. Or, to put it another way, something for everyone:

August 2023 Playlist

30th August 2023 · Music, Playlists

Summer sounds, from primal punk to vintage soul, reggae and African dance grooves, plus a tribute to Robbie Robertson and a little chill jazz for those long hot evenings.

July 2023 Playlist

4th August 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Music, Playlists

Here’s a new playlists of summer sounds, from pre-pubescent rockabilly to tear-stained balladry via black-boy punk, old-time country, old-skool soul and ambient electronica.

June 2023 Playlist

1st July 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Playlists

A selection of summer sounds old and new of every genre, from The Rivieras, The Cramps and John Lee Hooker to Magazine, Malcolm McLaren and Martha & The Muffins.