Smog – Dress Sexy At My Funeral

26th February 2024 · Uncategorised

Bill Callahan has been plying his lo-fi trade for more than 35 years. I caught him at one of his first UK gigs when he still went by Smog.


Lana Del Rey – Video Games

7th February 2024 · Uncategorised

Lana Del Rey must wonder who she has to fuck to win a Grammy Award. Once again this week she walked away empty-handed.


RIP Melanie – Momma Momma

29th January 2024 · Uncategorised

RIP Melanie Safka (1947-2024)

I remember Melanie – just “Melanie” – as a hippie chick with long hair, black eyeliner and a warbling vibrato. I first heard her singing a song called Ruby Tuesday. I was a child and she sounded like one too.


Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl

22nd January 2024 · Uncategorised

This was the first song I ever heard by Tori Amos. It’s also the last, when it played over the closing titles of an episode of Beef last night. A wacky song by a kooky redhead, it was a good fit for what is a wacky TV show about a man and a woman with extreme anger management issues.


Janis Ian – Janey’s Blues

4th October 2023 · Uncategorised

I’ve just heard this song for the first time – only half a century after it first came out. And… wow. It’s a spellbinding, heartbreaking account of a loveless marriage and the effect it’s had on the life of their unwanted child.


Brian Protheroe – Pinball

6th September 2023 · Uncategorised

I don’t know how I forgot this one when I was trawling through the songs of my childhood. It wasn’t a big hit but back in 1974 it seemed to be everywhere.


Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat

17th July 2022 · Uncategorised

I stumbled upon this today and remembered how much I loved it when it came out. So much so that I bought the album.


Joni Mitchell – Shadows & Light (Live 1979)

15th April 2022 · Uncategorised

Joni Mitchell at the peak of her powers with a crack team of jazz musicians, performing live on her Mingus tour in California in 1979. (more…)