Here’s another slice of classic soul from Detroit’s Soulhawk label, written and produced by Popcorn Wylie. (more…)

Satta Massagana was the debut single of The Abyssinians, arguably the greatest of all the vocal groups to come out of Jamaica. (more…)

MC5 – Kick Out The Jams

17th January 2022 · 1960s, 1969, Music, Punk

The night I saw the legendary bass man from the legendary MC5 – and he didn’t play their legendary song, Kick Out The Jams. (more…)

The Amen Break is the much-sampled drum loop that spawned a thousand tunes and kick-started drum & bass. Here’s the song that started it.


Dyke & The Blazers are best known for the original – and best – version of Funky Broadway, which went on to be a hit for Wilson Pickett. This tune from 1969 is even funkier. (more…)

Some of the best pop songs do everything they need to do in less than three minutes. Like this funky little treat.

This is another long jam for a summer’s day, fusing an R&B groove with the flightier embellishments of jazz. (more…)

The Meters defined the sound of New Orleans funk on this instrumental back in 1969. It’s still winning new friends in movies today. (more…)

As the Sixties drew to a close music began to evolve. Out went cheery pop songs with clapalong beats and in came psychedelic weirdness. Perhaps it was something in the water – probably LSD.

Elvis Presley meets Massive Attack in an inspired mash-up that spans 25 years and 4,000 miles to merge Memphis and Bristol. (more…)