With their jangly guitars and vocal harmonies rubbing shoulders with an, ahem, driving beat, The Motors had were the prototype for Power Pop. (more…)

The Cigarettes came from Lincoln and dressed like mods but played like punks. Well, it worked for The Jam. It didn’t bring as much success for The Cigarettes but they didn’t have the songwriting skills of a Weller. Then again, not many did. (more…)

Here’s an example of what happened when a hippie group decides to jump on the punk bandwagon in the search for success. (more…)

Akron girl Jane Aire’s star burned briefly but brightly with this compellingly quirky slice of twisted teen-dream Americana. (more…)

I don’t know much about The Bizarros beyond the fact they had one of the standout tunes on Stiff’s compilation of bands from Akron, Ohio. (more…)

Devo – Mongoloid

18th June 2022 · 1970s, 1978, Music, Punk

The little-known city of Akron – self-proclaimed “Rubber Capital of the World” – had a musical moment in 1977. In fact Ohio had a bit of a moment, if you include Cleveland. Devo were Akron’s biggest export. (more…)

Brainiac 5 are an oddball entity in the annals of punk, post-punk and New Wave, but they left their mark on me with their 1978 Mushy Doubt EP. (more…)

Big in Japan became better known for the subsequent successes of their band members than for their own music. Or, as the Liverpool Echo put it, they were “a supergroup with a difference – its members only became super after they left.” (more…)

Wire – Mannequin

13th June 2022 · 1970s, 1977, Music, Punk

Wire’s debut single Mannequin is one of the mellower and more melodic songs to be taken from their landmark debut album Pink Flag. (more…)

Wire – 12XU

13th June 2022 · 1970s, 1977, Music, Punk

In many ways this is the prototype for punk. Which is odd, since Wire have come to be regarded as the progenitors of post-punk. (more…)