Not a single song, but a handful of them – from the four-track EP that made a little bit of punk history. Released in late 1975, Speedball was the first record put out by Chiswick Records, the UK’s first real indie label.


A Band Called O – Sleeping

27th October 2021 · 1970s, 1975, Music

Has anyone heard of these progsters from the Channel Isles? I haven’t. I saw their name while looking at a list of bands who played The Marquee in that transformative year of 1976. (more…)

There were a couple of bands in the mid-Seventies sending up the sort of rock’n’roll excess that spawned punk – while simultaneously revelling in exactly the sort of sounds they satirised through a proto-punk prism.


I’ve never really bought into the idea of the “guilty pleasure” so I feel no shame about liking and posting this song.


Not one but eight snippets of songs from the earliest days of punk, shot at CBGBs in New York over the course of (I’m guessing) 1974 and 1975. (more…)

Here’s another stone cold disco classic from 1975, written and produced by the legendary Sylvia Robinson. (more…)

Sound Experience brought their uptempo funk grooves to Boogie Nights and deserve to be more widely known than they were, even in their 1970s heyday. (more…)

Headhunters served up this fat slice of funk in 1975, featuring a famous sample that’s formed the basis  of countless hip hop tunes ever since. (more…)

After becoming a star with Harvest, Neil Young got back together with Crazy Horse for Zuma, creating the epic guitar extravaganza of Cortez The Killer. (more…)

I discovered Can at the same time as I discovered Faust and Gong. My reason was not a sudden interest in the avant-garde at the age of 16. It was far more simple than that. (more…)