I don’t know much about The Bizarros beyond the fact they had one of the standout tunes on Stiff’s compilation of bands from Akron, Ohio. (more…)

TRIGGER WARNING: If you think you’re immune to cheap sentimentality this may make you reconsider. Eleven-year-old Björk Guðmundsdóttir’s debut is so cute that even the hardest heart will melt. (more…)

By far the best song on the Max’s Kansas City live album from 1976, this was the sole contribution of Harry Toledo. It sounded strange then – it still sounds ahead of its ahead of its time today! (more…)

Punk’s only trans performer, Wayne County – later Jayne County – made his/her first appearance with Max’s Kansas City. (more…)

Debbie Harry opened the door for girls in rock bands when Blondie released their debut single, with the sexiest B-side ever. (more…)

Blondie made their debut in June 1976 with X Offender, making them one of the first ‘punk’ bands to release a single. (more…)

The Mighty Diamonds were one of the leading vocal harmony trios to come out of Jamaica alongside Culture, The Gladiators, The Abyssinians and Black Uhuru. (more…)

Everybody knows the Jackson brothers but not so many know their near-namesakes, the Brothers Johnson. (more…)

The Tyla Gang – Styrofoam

7th February 2022 · 1970s, 1976, Music, Punk

Another of the early single releases on Stiff Records came with this “double B-side” from pub rock veteran Sean Tyler and The Tyla Gang. (more…)

Motörhead were never a punk band. But in terms of velocity and volume, attitude and aggression, they had a lot more to do with punk than many of the chancers who rebranded themselves to cash in on a trend. (more…)