UK Reggae

I’ve only just found out that Ply Styrene – back when she was Marianne Elliott-Said – was making music before X-Ray Spex. Music like this.


Glasgow reggae collective Mungo’s Hi Fi team up with toaster Pupajim for a celebraton of two-wheeled transport in the catchy Bike Rider.


I know there are people – many people – who hate this prime fillet of cod reggae. They probably hate cricket too. In both cases they are mistaken.


Aswad were the most successful of the UK Reggae bands and this exuberant instrumental, Warrior Charge, was their finest moment. (more…)

The second hit single for The Beat, Hands Off She’s Mine was one of the highlights of the Two-Tone music movement by the Birmingham band. (more…)

Madness were the only all-white band in the Two-Tone family and put the fun factor into the updated ska sound. This was their first top ten hit. (more…)

Reggae and Punk were natural partners, linked by their outsider credentials, exemplified by Coventry band The Specials and the Two-Tone explosion of 1979. (more…)

Not just the best live reggae album but arguably the best live album of all time, Live At Counter Eurovision 79 captures Misty In Roots at their devotional,  political and philosophical finest (more…)

The Selecter started out with this self-titled instrumental on the flip-side of Gangsters by The Special A.K.A. (soon to be shortened to The Specials) in 1979. (more…)

A reggae obscurity, this hymn to marijuana lives up to its title both lyrically and in a production swathed in dub effects – all echoes and strange sounds. (more…)