Mungo’s Hi Fi, ft Pupajim – Bike Rider

22nd August 2023 · 2010s, 2014, Music, Reggae, UK Reggae

Glasgow reggae collective Mungo’s Hi Fi team up with toaster Pupajim for a celebraton of two-wheeled transport in the catchy Bike Rider.

I’m not sure what’s a more shameful admission: that I have some Queen albums in my collection, or that one of them includes the song Fat Bottomed Girls.

This, of course, is the song that has just been judged too sensitive for the ears of today’s young people, so it’s been removed from a recent re-release of a Greatest Hits album.

Which seems doubly weird since no young person would surely be planning to buy a Queen album in the first place – and because the song, written by Brian May, is clearly celebrating rather than mocking​ the larger lady.

In fact it doesn’t just celebrate the titular women, but asserts that they “make the rockin’ world go round.” And that, surely, is a Good Thing. Even though some of the lyrics are just a Bad Thing by any objective criteria: “Left alone with big fat Fanny / She was such a naughty nanny / Big woman you made a bad boy out of me.”

As I recall, there is a much more obvious target for this sort of censorship in the album on which the song appears – Jazz (1978) – and I don’t just mean the music. (But that, too).

The LP came with a poster that features dozens, nay hundreds, of stark naked women on bicycles. And, apparently, when the song came out as a double-A-side single with Bicycle Race, there was a video of said women cycling around Wembley, though I’ve never seen it – probably because it was banned by the BBC.

Anyway, for further investigation of girls on bicycles – girls, men, women, children – I present for your delectation a song from 2014 called Bike Rider by a Glasgow outfit called Mungo’s Hi Fi, featuring Pupajim, which is very catchy indeed.