Jim Sohns, who died this week, was only 16 when he became the singer in a new Chicago band, The Shadows Of Knight. (more…)

The first time I heard this was in the musical car chase movie Baby Driver, which I love.

I always thought this song was by Devo until I read Quentin Tarantino’s novel Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, where it makes an appearance. (more…)

Aaron Neville, a legendary figure in his native city of New Orleans,  showcased his tremulous vibrato on his debut hit single, Tell It Like It Is, in 1966.


The Paul Butterfield Blues Band created the template for Acid Rock with the sprawling title track of their second album East West in 1966. (more…)

Joe Cuba – Bang Bang

12th July 2021 · 1960s, 1966, Music

Back in 1966, while England were winning the World Cup at Wembley, the boogaloo came out of every window in Brooklyn and the Bronx. (more…)

If the marketing arm of the British musical instrument manufacturers Vox wanted one song to sell their electric organs, then they would surely give their donor card to 96 Tears. (more…)