The Linda Lindas – Groovy Christmas

21st December 2023 · 2020s, 2022, Music, Punk

Here’s a trio of songs for Christmas – one for opening the presents, another for after dinner at the end of the day, and one for Boxing Day.

The Linda Lindas nearly broke the internet back in 2021 when the four California girls – aged from 10 to 16 – made a video in their local library, singing their self-penned anthem Racist Sexist Boy.

There was always the danger that a group who first got together in their pre-teens would disappear as rapidly as they arrived, dismissed as a novelty act, once they grew up.

And while it’s true I haven’t heard from sisters Lucia and Mila, their cousin Eloise and friend Bela since the day they went viral, that’s because I haven’t followed them. And I’m glad to find they have a fabulous festive tune for us (from Christmas 2022), accompanied by another great video.

And then, when the presents have been opened, the dinner has been cooked and eaten, the drink has been drunk and the arguments have begun, here’s another song by Loretta Lynn capturing the spirit of a real family Christmas at the end of the day:

And finally… for the morning after, when you’ve shrugged off the headache, drunk a jug of coffee and eaten something greasy and hangover-curing, here is Courtney giving a break-up song a Boxing Day vibe – or Boxing Day a break-up vibe. Or both: