T.Rex – Beltane Walk

1st May 2023 · 1970, 1970s, Glam, Music

Happy Beltane to all the old hippies, from the most famous pop idol to come from my neighbourhood, Stoke Newington.

This was the last song on Side 1 of T.Rex’s first album under that name (after four as Tyrannosaurus Rex) in 1970 – an oasis of calm before the forthcoming storm of Electric Warrior.

Marc, showcasing his recently adopted electric guitar playing alongside percussionist Mickey Finn, sings a charming little ditty about three strangers he encounters on his wanderings; by the roadside, the whirlpool and the Westwind.

One is “a man with a starhide” (nope, me neither), another is a girl who is “God’s tool” and the last a boy who is already his friend, who Marc offers to sing with.

Of course, Marc being Marc, he invites them to join him for “a little love” and, if they had any sense, I’m sure they did because he was about to become the biggest pop star in the country when Hot Love was released soon afterwards.

And of course, Marc being Marc, he “borrowed” the riff from an earlier tune, in this case Jimmy McCracklin’s 1958 tune The Walk: