Blondie v Philip Glass – Heart Of Glass (Crabtree remix)

25th October 2021 · 2010s, 2016, Music
Mash-ups. They often sound great on paper – but more often disappoint after repeated listenings. Not this one. It’s perfect.

Usually they involve two opposite genres: Adele v Daft Punk. MGMT v Echo & The Bunnymen. Slipknot v Justin Bieber.

Or else they involve one heritage act and one ‘pop’ act, often of a different vintage: Nirvana v Rick Astley. The Strokes v Christina Aguilera. Pink Floyd v Bee Gees.

Then there are the clever-clever ones, like Kendrick Lamar v Seinfeld (though it’s not as clever as it sounds, since hip-hop is built around spoken word and samples in the first place).

They all have one thing in common: they shouldn’t really work but they do. Once or twice. After that they usually become wearisome. But sometimes they are inspired.

This one is just perfect; I’m reliably informed it featured in the televised series The Handmaid’s Tale.