Cymande – Dove

13th April 2023 · 1970s, 1972, Blues, Funk, Music, Soul

I don’t know if psychedelic drugs were involved in the making of this song but I would be highly surprised if they weren’t. Then again, just listening to it is a mind-bending trip.

It’s funky, it’s bluesy and it’s psychedelic, and it takes you so high you might never come down again. Then again, there would be worst places to be stranded than the early Seventies.

And there would be worse people to be stranded there with than British funksters Cymande, a nine-man crew who called their eclectic brew Nyah Rock.

Back in 1973 they were the first British band to top the bill at the legendary Harlem Apollo, though they broke up a year after that – feted in America but largely ignored in their homeland.

I’ve featured them before on my music site,, for another of their great tunes, Bra. And I make no apology for featuring them again.