Hooterville Trolly – No Silver Bird

3rd June 2024 · 1960s, 1968, Music

Here’s a strange slice of ’60s psych, with fuzz guitars and synthesised strings, from the strangely named and even more strangely (mis-)spelt Hooterville Trolly.

The group were formed in 1967 by a bunch of schoolfriends in Albuquerque, New Mexico, capital of my favourite US state, and released this solitary single.

Somewhat suspiciously, both sides – No Silver Bird and The Warmth Of Love – had already been recorded the previous year by another Albuquerque band, The Creation (no relation of the great British psych band of the same era) and released as a single by them.

Pure coincidence, I’m sure… despite the fact that the Hooterville’s manager had business connections to The Creation, and it was his idea to record the single. Not that he told them – in fact they only found out about his duplicity 50 years later.

The two versions are fairly similar but the Hooterville Trolly’s dominated by the recording studio’s latest gizmo, a “string machine” – probably a Chamberlin (precursor to the Mellotron) – making the spacey sound on the recording.

Neither group really made it, though the Hooterville Trolly got as far as supporting Buffalo Springfield and The Seeds, so they were not completely obscure – at least in New Mexico.