Ludus – My Cherry Is In Sherry

26th July 2023 · 1980, 1980s, Music, Postpunk

Fusing punk, funk and elements of avant-garde jazz, Ludus were one of the first, and most distinctive, postpunk artists.

They were formed in Manchester in 1978 by guitarist Arthur Kadmon, formerly of Manicured Noise, and singer Linder Sterling, an artist who designed the cover of Buzzcocks’ single Orgasm Addict and Magazine’s debut album Real Life.

They were joined by ex-Nosebleeds drummer Philip “Toby” Tomanov and bassist Willie Trotter and made their debut at the Factory supporting The Pop Group, recording a demo produced by Howard Devoto – Linder’s boyfriend at the time.

Linder became a close friend of Morrissey, who has said he was significantly inspired by her, and Ludus toured with Buzzcocks before making their debut on my pal Richard Boon’s New Hormones label in 1980 with The Visit.

My Cherry Is in Sherry followed a few months later. The confrontational Linder, who was performing in a coat made of raw meat long before Lady Gaga, eventually became less involved with music to be further involved with the visual arts.

Kadmon and Trotter quit the band in early 1979 to be replaced by Ian Devine, with Kadmon joining The Distractions, and Ludus disbanded in 1983. Two years later Morrissey wrote sleevenotes for an (unissued) compilation, asserting: “People who know real genius will love this record. Her singing leaves me out of breath.”