Orange Juice – Falling And Laughing

21st November 2023 · 1980, 1980s, Music, Postpunk

In 1980 the postpunk landscape was expanding in all sorts of new directions. Most of them had identifiable roots in punk but Orange Juice were odds with the New Wave mainstream.

The upbeat jangle of their love songs displayed a romantic innocence and optimism at odds with the aggression of punk and the gloom of postpunk contemporaries like The Cure and Joy Division.

Led by Edwin Collins, they were the standard bearers for Postcard Records, leading a cohort that included like-minded Scottish bands Josef K and Aztec Camera.

Falling And Laughing was their debut single in 1980 and it still sounds as fresh today. This is the original single, which was re-recorded for their 1982 debut album You Can’t Hide Your Love For Ever.