T. Rex – Hot Love

20th March 1971 · 1970s, 1971, Glam, Music
T. Rex on Top of the Pops in March 1971 was the event that changed everything. Hot Love was the song that gave birth to Glam Rock.

All the ingredients were in place. Glitter, make-up and those wonderful nursery-rhyme lyrics: “She’s my woman of gold and she’s not very old” / “She’s faster than most and she lives on the coast” / “She ain’t no witch and I love the way she twitch” – and, my favourite, “I’m a labourer of love in my Persian gloves”.
After that Bolan puts away the rhyming dictionary, gives up on words altogether, and heads into the final straight by trying to out-Jude Hey Jude’s “Na Na-na Na-na-na-na”s with his endless litany of “La-la-la la-la-la-la”s.
No wonder the progsters hated it when it came out. I was hooked. Six weeks at number one made Marc Bolan the biggest star in the pop firmament.
The Glam Rock revolution had begun and it *was* televised. Complete with go-go dancers in crocheted halter tops.
What more could you ask?