The Advisors – Yugyugan Na

21st May 2023 · 1970s, 1977, Funk, Music

When it comes to Filipino funk, you could write what I know on the back of a postage stamp. I didn’t know it existed, and I didn’t know it was called Pinoy Funk.

I’d never heard the term and I had no idea the Philippines were a hotbed of funk in the 1970s, though I was aware of the psychedelic strain of Thai funk around the same time.

Anyway, thanks to Craig Charles and his Saturday night Funk & Soul Show I first heard The Advisors – specifically this tune, Yugyugan Na, from 1977.

And thanks to a specialist website devoted to this genre, called Pinoy Grooves, that I know they came from a place called Olongapo and their flautist front man was called Ting Bernabe.

Also (and we may be getting a bit too​ specialist here) popular not only in their hometown but also Manila, “specifically at Rino’s Club on Dewey Boulevard.”

I think you’ll have to agree they are rather groovy. And the bloke behind that website, Chris Campbell, has a whole bunch more of this stuff on Mixcloud right here: