The Du-Rites – Can’t Buy Groove

6th January 2023 · 2020, 2020s, Funk, Music
Here’s another group I don’t know much about. The Du-Rites are a New York-based funk duo of drummer Jay ‘J-Zone’ Mumford (no relation, thankfully) and Pablo Martin who plays guitar and bass. 

It’s retro-funk, but there’s more to it than that, a little like the Phenomenal Handclap Band. Some of their stuff verges on psychedelia, with a penchant for squealy electric guitar, and some meanders towards the territory of jazz. 
At other times, like this, they focus on the funk – instrumental funk, for the most part  – and on getting the party started. 
And you’ll have heard both of them before. In his day job Pablo plays lead guitar in the legendary Tom Tum Club, leads a punk/soul/rock duo called Lulu Lewis and produces Argentinian legends (it says here) Sergio Rotman and Mimi Maura.
Jay, meanwhile, is an in-demand session drummer who has worked on recordings for Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Danger Mouse and others, as well as being sampled in his own right by Mark Ronson and Madlib.
Anyway, here are Jay and Pablo in their own right, with a little help from their friends, as the Du-Rites.