The Panik – It Won’t Sell EP

28th July 2023 · 1970s, 1977, Music, Punk

The Panik were one of the first punk bands to form in Manchester, alongside a handful of fellow travellers – Buzzcocks, The Drones, V2, Slaughter & The Dogs and The Fall.

They had connections with Joy Division too, both bands being managed by Rob Gretton and sharing a drummer in Steve Brotherton, aka B’Dale – who even persuaded Ian Curtis to audition for The Panik.

How different music history might have been had he taken (or been given) the job, rather than staying with his own embryonic group: then called Stiff Kittens (albeit only for their first gig) before changing their name to Warsaw… and evolving into Joy Division.

With a singer called Nance and a guitarist called Random joining B’Dale and bassist Hilton, The Panik released their only EP – prophetically titled It Won’t Sell – in 1977 on Manchester’s aptly named Rainy City Records.

It contained three songs: Murder, Urban Politics and Modern Damnation. Breaking up soon after, B’Dale and Nance went on to join a second lineup of V2.

At least they left us with this, with the opening song’s lyric:

I don’t need love in a world of hate
I don’t need sex cause I can’t relate
I don’t need you cos you make me wait
I don’t need help cos it’s too late