Blue Boy – Remember Me

Of the many tunes sampling Marlena Shaw’s marvellous Woman Of The Ghetto,  this may be my favourite. Remember Me by Blue Boy, aka Scottish DJ Lex Blackmore, has such a chill vibe that’s perfect for summer weather.
Listening to it makes me long to be lounging in a beach front bar in Ibiza, far away from fears about Third Waves and Indian Variants, with a cold beer in my hand. Perhaps by the end of the summer I will be.

The main sample is the “Geng ga-ga-ga-geng” scat singing from the 1973 live version of the song; towards the end there’s another sample, this time from the 1969 original.

That’s where she sings “Remember me? I’m the one who had your babies” – a reference in the original song to black women being exploited by white men in the urban ghettoes – as maids and as prostitutes.

Anyway. Bring on the beach!

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