Deadletter – Mother

5th June 2024 · 2020s, 2024, Music, Postpunk

Postpunk sextet Deadletter have been building up a fervent live following for some time. Today they preview their debut album with this song, Mother.

I’ve been hearing good things about Deadletter for some time from Keith Chapman and I now discover from my cousin (once removed) Hughie that his brother Tom used to be in them.

I should have paid more attention.

Anyway, after building up a fervent following for their live shows, the sextet finally have a debut album ready for release and this track, Mother, has just dropped as a taster.

Inspired by Boong Joon-ho’s creepy film, it’s great stuff: moody, powerful and emotional, with a sound that weaves the guitars of Will King and Sam Jones – sometimes sinister, someteimes euphoric – around Poppy Richler’s saxophone.

Alfie Husband is one of those drummers who makes his presence felt without taking over, supported by bassist George Ullyott, but the focus, always, is on front man Zac Lawrence, spinning his apocalyptic visions of a dystopian world.

I’m looking forward to their album, Hysterical Strength, coming out in September, and to seeing them live (while regretting that I haven’t done so before) in November. Nice monochrome video too.