Notorious B.I.G. – Ten Crack Commandments

21st April 2021 · 1990s, 1997, Hip-Hop, Music

From the last album Biggie Smalls released in his lifetime, a user guide to making money in the way he used to earn his.

After the hardships of lockdown there are those here who may be thinking of re-training, acquiring new skills to earn a living in a field where opportunities have become limited, and earnings compromised.

So what could be more appropriate than a handy step-by-step guide to getting rich – albeit in a way that runs a risk of falling foul of the law?

Step forward Christopher Smalls, for whom these Ten Crack Commandments served as a helpful handbook promoting physical and fiscal security in what can sometimes be a dangerous occupation.

If only he had followed them in his teens, when he was jailed for dealing crack, though the experience arguably gave him the credentials to sell millions of records whe he got out, rapping about stuff like this.

Soon after the Ten Crack Commandments appeared on his second and final (in his lifetime) album, Life After Death – the title referred to his recovery from a car accident – in 1997, Biggie was shot dead after the Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles.

There must be a moral there somewhere.