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By the start of the Seventies, my embryonic musical taste (The Scaffold, Herman’s Hermits, Mary Hopkin) had begun to take a new direction. This was my first single of the new decade. (more…)

Glam didn’t *quite* begin with Ride A White Swan but Marc Bolan was the first to lay down a marker with Ride A White Swan. (more…)

Badfinger were the first band signed to The Beatles’ new label Apple and this was the fifth single I ever bought, written and produced by Paul McCartney.


Skinhead favourite Liquidator, now synonymous with football, started life as a reggae instrumental by Harry J Allstars, becoming a top ten hit in 1969.

The Rats – Telephone Blues

10th November 1969 · 1960s, 1969, Music
Here’s a bonus song from Hull’s finest band of 1966 – The Rats.
They had no success at all. This was their first single and features Mick Ronson at his brilliant best.


The Archies – Sugar Sugar

25th October 1969 · 1960s, 1969, Music

The Archies defined the term ‘bubblegum pop’ with this made-up song by a made-up group that made The Monkees sound like Genesis. It still sounds great. (more…)

Count Matchuki was the original deejay. The founding father of toasting – and, by extension, the forefather of rap. (more…)

Talk about being ahead of your time – this anthem was released more than 50 years ago and has never been more relevant.


Another one-hit wonder from the summer of ’69 by Zager & Evans, the still-prescient In The Year 2525 topped the charts and sold a staggering four million copies. (more…)

This song was a huge cause celèbre when it came out in 1969. It was banned by radio stations in most countries, including the UK, and condemned by the Vatican. (more…)