Rubin – You’ve Been Away

24th August 2023 · 1960s, 1967, Music, Soul

The mysterious Rubin only recorded a single side in his obscure music career – but it became a Northern Soul classic.

Northern Soul. One reason they call it rare groove is because these original singles are hard to find, and prized by collectors. Another is because they weren’t hits at the time and the people who recorded them often disappeared without trace.

This guy, Rubin, didn’t even get around to recording a B-side for his song – it’s a one-sided single, released in the 1960s on a label called Kapp.

It was a big favourite at Wigan Casino in the heyday of Northern Soul – and was apparently used in an ad for Felix cat food.

I can’t find much out about Rubin, except that he was a “white Jewish guy” and this song was written and produced by Bob Schwartz, owner of Mohawk and Laurie Records.

But never mind: if you’re going to be remembered for just a single song, it’s best if it’s a great one.

And it is… all 1.55 minutes of it.