The Ones – You Haven’t Seen My Love

30th January 2023 · 1960s, 1967, Music, Soul

How great is this soul ballad?! That organ! Those vocals! You can just picture a disco at the end of the night in the late Sixties with young men awkwardly trying to smooch embarrassed girls on the dance floor as the DJ drops this tune.

Who knows, this could have been the first slow dance some couples ever had before ending up married.

I’ve never heard it before and I’m surprised – for obvious reasons – to find it came out on Motown back in 1967. Sadly it received no promotion and was a flop.

Which is a big shame, because it’s so great, and a big surprise because The Ones (great name; so close to my later favourite band) went out on tour with Sly & The Family Stone, whose fans must have been surprised to see a Latino bloke onstage with some white guys.

Not the first white guys on Motown though, becauser the label’s first all-white group was The Valadiers, who had previously signed to Berry Gordy’s eponymous label.

The Ones – or Danny Hernandez & The Ones – came from a place called Lansing, Missouri, and were made up of the titular singer Danny, brothers Kevin and Kerry Nicholoff on bass and guitar – and that organ! – and Mark Boomershine on drums.

The B-side, Happy Day, could be a deep cut from The Animals, with Danny’s voice developing a rasp in the style of Eric Burdon.

By the turn of the decade the band had a different line-up and a slightly different sound, and Danny’s voice had developed a rougher soul edge on songs like As Long As I’ve Got You from 1970.