The Tearjerkers – Love Affair

4th March 2023 · 1970s, 1979, Music, Punk

“Following an incident at a press reception in Kilkenny for Thin Lizzy, it was decided that it was in the band’s best interests if the band’s manager – and drummer – Nigel Hamilton left immediately following the tour.” That may be the most interesting thing about Belfast band The Tearjerkers. Sadly it seems that whatever happens in Kilkenny stays in Kilkenny.

Another of the powerpop bands on Good Vibrations, they released a solitary single for the label – Love Affiar – before signing for Phonogram (and historical oblivion).

It’s not great, but it has an appealingly quirky – and satisfyingly brief – guitar solo around the 1.20 mark.

The video, meanwhile, includes a moody monochrome pic of the Harp Bar, epicentre of Belfast’s embryonic punk scene in the late 70s.

And some not-so-moody ones of the boys betraying their not-so-punky origins in older bands like Cobra, The Midnight Cruisers and The Detonators.

The Tearjerkers made it as far as London, and recorded two Peel sessions, and played with Thin Lizzy and Dexy’s, but second single Murder Mystery failed to sell.

And I still want to know what happened in Kilkenny!