Tuvaband x Lee “Scratch” Perry – Irreversible

18th June 2021 · 2020s, 2021, Music, Reggae

One is a young Norwegian singer-songwriter who makes minimalist electronic folk music. The other is a legendary Jamaican reggae producer in his mid-eighties.

Tuvaband and Lee “Scratch” Perry come from different generations, different continents, different cultures. Teaming up to make music should not really work. Yet his remix of her song Irreversible is an inspired meeting of opposites.

Tuvaband is the solo project of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, who who creates sparse, glacial soundscapes adorned with her hauntingly strange vocals.

Their collaboration came about after Tuva, who first fell in love with Jamaican music during a student trip, connected with the 85-year-old Scratch over Instagram.

Listening to both the remix and the original song – a very different style – you realise their shared element is an understanding of the importance of the spaces in between the music.

Somehow it simultaneously evokes both the fjords and pine forests of frozen Norway and a steamy studio filled with ganja smoke somewhere in Jamaica.

On the collaboration Tuva said, “Lee Scratch Perry is one of the coolest artists I know about. The first time I heard his music I was amazed; I think he’s a really bold and innovative artist.

“I really wanted to hear my music through his ears, and wanted to collaborate with him somehow. I realised a remix was a good place to start.”