Underworld – Denver Luna

13th February 2024 · 2020s, 2024, Dance, Music

This tune is fan-fucking-tastic. It took me about ten seconds to realise it’s Underworld, and a few more to realise it wasn’t a new remix of Born Slippy – arguably the greatest dance tune of all time.

In fact it came out last November – 27 years after that Trainspotting summer of 1996 – but I missed it then, along with the a capella version that preceded it.

It’s a little slower than the earlier tune but still goes at a banging 134bpm, driven by a kick drum and crashing hi-hats.

Like its predecessor it’s got stream-of-consciousness lyrics from the Bowie/Eno cut-up school, full of nonsensical earworms to match the “lager lager lager / mega mega white thing” slogans of Born Slippy.

This time it’s the strawberry jam girl and the stone wash man in his fly jeans.

Sleeping girl, kiss the animal
Telephone the animal
Tomorrow the animal will take me to the moon
Moon in the water, water in the waiting room
Satellite is coming with a handgun and the tube hole, tube snake
Playgirl with a loophole, a wire hole
Kiss the animal, the chains, the weeds, the train in the seeds and the
Blue and the blue and the blue and the red and silver
Siren, siren, the horn, the velveteen is comin’
The stonewash jean man, crack, fractures
Cream machine, he’s dancing with his ears on
Pierced he’s comin’ comin’, hissin’ hissin’ piston is
Spreading his own, own, own ideas is
Comin’ is a claw, is an animal
A pizza sermon, a shining gunshot

(And that’s just the first verse)