Vitalic – Disco Boy (The Rising)

4th April 2024 · 2020s, 2024, Dance, Music

I was not immediately drawn to the new film Disco Boy; not until I read the reviews and saw it – driven by French techno producer Vitalic’s soundtrack.

It’s almost worth seeing for the music alone, especially in a cinema with a great sound system, but it’s an excellent film too.

The soundtrack perfectly fits its story of a Belarussian migrant, Aleksei (Franz Rogowski) who crosses Europe with a pal in the hope of joining the French Foreign Legion.

It’s also the story of their counterpart, Jomo (Morr Nidaye), a guerilla fighter in the Niger Delta fighting to save his land from destruction by oil barons.

Inevitably the two stories collide, before the narrative returns to the dance clubs of Paris, where director Giacomo Abbruzzese came up with the story after meeting a dancer who had been a soldier, and discussing the two roles’ similarity in physique and discipline.

Anyway, good film, good soundtrack by Vitalic (aka Pascal Arbez-Nicolas), best known for his 2001 club anthem La Rock 01.