Cuthead – The Sinner

Woman Of The Ghetto is the song that just keeps giving. This one mixes Marlena Shaw ino its squelchy summer breakbeats.

Cuthead, aka Karvan de Robartosz, comes from the cold and windy highlands of Transnistria, a country that’s not oficially a country.
It’s sandwiched between Ukraine and Moldova – the last place I visited for a travel article before the pandemic in October 2019.
He claims to have wandered the world for more than 45 years with nothing more than an Akai MPC (a sampling and sequencing machine), a microphone and “one pair of sandals” before settling down in the cold and windy lowlands of Dresden in the former East Germany.
There he met his musical partner Adriano Stefano Juliani, aka ‘The Lunatic Profezzor’ (not to be confused with The Mad Professor of dub production fame).
The duo are, apparently, big names on the local KryptoTekk music scene (me neither), collaborating under the monicker Kunst:stoff Breakz, and Cuthead himself makes experimental music merging hip hop, breakbeats and electro, but only when he is not “making love to beautiful women and shooting slow-motion movies of various insects including butterflies.”
Hopefully not at the same time.

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